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Old Town hemel Hempstead, featuring local businesses, Restaurants and pubs

The four olde worlde public houses and the various restaurants are covered elsewhere on this site, but then you have The Old Town Hall, taking centre stage, with its offerings of music, drama, dance, comedy and sometimes local meetings with their own take on drama and comedy. The Old Town Hall has been a performing arts venue since 1978 and was originally built in 1852.
From The Old Town Hall looking down the High Street, an assortment of enterprises varying from a print shop, tanning studio, music shop, fabric shop, hair dresser’s, estate agency and general store.
Looking up the Old Town reveals a bicycle shop, bric-a-brac, another hair dresser and an off licence.
Parking is ok, but much of it seems “hidden” from view. There is the small square car park by the side of the Old Town Hall, with the main car parking area further on, on the same side, and there is a very cheap “pay and display” at the rear of The Old Bell public house.
The very nature of the Old Town prompts occasional outdoor events to take place, such as farmers markets, French markets and various datal themed events, like Halloween, when the High street is closed off, and there are hot dog stands and painted faces everywhere, with ghostly background music. A firework display in Gadebridge park rounds off the evening.
Christmas time is when the Old town comes into its own, with chains of coloured lamps, linking all the shops and businesses together, and reminding us of old fashioned village values.

As you wander past The Bury Registry office into the lane that runs through Gadebridge park, at the bottom of the Old Town, Hemel Hempstead, you would have no idea that a couple of hundred metres away, running parallel with the lane, is the High Street.
It’s only when you cut through the hallowed grounds of St Marys church and come face to face with The Olde Kings Arms, that you realise that you are in, arguably, the best part of Hemel Hempstead.
The Old Town boasts a plethora of different businesses, some mainstream, some niche, all enjoying the quaintness that only an area steeped in history can offer.
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